Watch out for announcements on quick tutorials that Amanda Rush and I are writing on using the WordPress block editor.

You can check out and then choose the “articles” link.

Also you can watch for us on twitter @whiskeydragon1 @cswordpress and @megarush1024

As soon as the proof reading and editing is done we will be posting them.

So far we have written the following for screen reader and keyboard users:

WordPress keyboard shortcuts for the block editor
Inserting, deleting, and changing layouts of blocks
Heading blocks with a keyboard
Paragraph Blocks with a keyboard
Columns blocks with a keyboard
Image blocks with a keyboard
List blocks with a keyboard

These tutorials in no way mean that the WordPress block editor is accessible, we’re just sharing information that we found on our painful adventures of trial and error testing to figure out how some of these blocks actually work with a screen reader and a keyboard.

If you want us to explore any specific blocks and write a quick tutorial on how they work, let us know on our web site, or send us a tweet.

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