For the past two (2) days, Amanda and I have been writing, proof reading and editing documents on using the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress.

Any screen reader user is going to need to be a master of their tools to get any job done with a keyboard.

Even though, we are practicing how to use a screen reader along with the keyboard shortcuts, there is a myriad of problems such as; keystrokes conflicting with the screen reader, browsers being tested, and Windows O/S making it frustrating as it takes about three (3) times longer to achieve any goals to complete our tasks. Not to mention all of the lock ups and crashes caused by the keyboard conflicts.

We are writing tutorials so that keyboard users, not just screen reader users won’t have to endure any unnecessary slowdowns like we have run into during two (2) different projects we are about to complete using the default twentytwenty theme and the block editor.

I heard that someone made the statement because the block editor has keystrokes assigned that it is accessible, well I have this to say to that person, “Get your head out of your anal area!”

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