The above twitter accounts are a group of punks that is using them for purposes of bullying, harassing, and stalking people on the internet. This post and the following link is to make everyone aware of Ramon Salazar and Ivan Soto who is behind all activity.

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  1. Hi

    What’s the point of posting this?

    I mean: there are ways you can do instead of posting this shitty posts like what Amanda did, instead of ruining your reputation scoars.

    Also: that might help Ramon to report you both easily, the proof will be your little posts.

    I actually don’t defend anyone in this drama, but all of you made mistakes.

    Also: you can do many things if Ramon continue creating accounts just to annoy, and BTW Ramon and Ivan are annoying Amanda, not all people on the internet, And that’s because she posted in her blog.

    so if she stoped and removed the posts, Ramon won’t contact her, that’s what he told me recently.

    so better edit the post, or just delete and forget it.

    • The point is in the post. They’re bullying, harassing, and stalking people on the internet.

      As for removing the posts, not going to happen. Perhaps you need to be properly introduced to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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