On Sunday, May 17, 2020 early afternoon, I was taken to the emergency room not able to breathe or catch my breath. Many tests were run,from pneumonia, congestive heart failure and deep vein thrombosis; which all came back negative. One issue they were centering on was the fact that my heart rate was half of what it should’ve been at 45 beats per minute. They admitted me Sunday night and put me in the cardiology unit, which made me suspect that something wasn’t quite right. I was told that some specialists would see me in the morning such as; a cardiologist and a hemotologist.

First thing Monday morning, I was taken for an ultra-sound of my heart and lungs already have had x-rays, and a CT scan along with an ultra-sound of my left leg; again all negative.

The cardiologist came in and promptly told me that I have a heart block and would need a pace maker.

Surgery went well, and as of Monday afternoon the pace maker was installed and I came home to rest on Tuesday. I am feeling about 200% better than I was because this had apparently been going on for some time now. I am guessing approximately the last 6 weeks and possibly longer. The doctors could not actually tell me how long or even why this happened; but at least they knew how to fix the problem.

I am home and recovering for the next 6 weeks under quite a few restrictions, but life moves on!

There was quite a bit more going on while I was in the hospital Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, however, I was attempting to keep this short and to inform everyone on what happened and be assured that I am getting plenty of rest to fully recover.

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  1. Hi A Pace Maker has been great for me. It has turned my life around. I hope it helps you as well. Best to you. Stay well and do what the doctors day to do. Grant

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