Communities are people working together to assist other people. So why is it that separate communities can’t work together to achieve a common goal when it involves a need for accessibility? Especially the communities involving people with disabilities?

Many times I have witnessed individuals in the Blind/Vision impaired community attempt to create something such as a web site or application and making it accessible. However, usually they stop at the point where the accessibility needs are met for their assistive technology tools. Often times one group leaves out accessibility for another group. For example a video posted on a web site that has accessibility implemented for a screen reader of an interview without captioning or a transcription. This leaves out the Deaf/Hearing Impaired community from obtaining the information from the interview video. I am not singling out the Blind/Vision Impaired for this example, meerly starting with this group as I am a screen reader user myself.

Speaking for myself, I would like to see these two communities as well as other disability communities start working together collectively toward a common goal of accessibility for everyone. I would also like to see these communities start representing and promoting accessibility through more educating and advocating by having discussions with designers/developers that is thought provoking, innovative, and creative. Meaning, lets not try and force accessibility by making demands, or worse yet, excuses which appears to be a common theme among disability communities.

Another topic in just thinking,, is the fact that many users of assistive technology apparently does not invest enough time to require the knowledge to utilize their tools efficiently and proficiently. I am sure that each of the disability communities have such users, and one could make the argument that it is possible that their training was insufficient making this the group that demands the most and makes the majority of the excuses.

Pulling the disability communities together is a good concept and could possibly solve future issues in the realm of accessibility. However I have no idea on how this maybe accomplished,as I am no where smart enough to figure this part out.

“Representing and promoting accessibility through educating and advocating is not just a concept; it’s our way of life!”

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