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The Crush

Author: Brown, Sandra

BARD: DB 55058

Read by: Martha Harmon Pardee
Reading time 11 hours, 14 minutes.

ISBN: 0446527041
Subjects: Suspense Fiction
Description: Upon acquittal, hired killer Ricky Lozada becomes obsessed with the jury forewoman, Dr. Rennie Newton. Meanwhile Fort Worth detective Wick
Threadgill, on leave from the department, seeks to avenge Lozada’s murder of his brother. The policeman also falls for Rennie. Explicit descriptions of
sex, violence, and strong language. Bestseller. 2002.

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Brown, Sandra

BARD: DB 53050
Read by: Richard Hauenstein
Reading time 15 hours, 29 minutes.
ISBN: 0446527130,
Subjects: Suspense Fiction
Description: Publisher Maris Matherly-Reed is so intrigued by the story line of a manuscript that she travels from New York to Georgia to meet the author.
Her actions set in motion the uncovering of a rivalry between friends that sent one to prison and made the other famous. Strong language, some descriptions
of sex, and some violence. Bestseller. 2001.

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Siege Of Stone – The Nicci Chronicles 03

Author: Goodkind, Terry

BARD: DB 93677

Read by: Jon Huffman.
Reading time 23 hours, 2 minutes.

ISBN: 9781250194763.
Subjects: Fantasy Fiction
Description: Sorceress Nicci, wizard Nathan, and swordsman Bannon remain in Ildakar after the revolt that freed the city’s slaves. A retreating wizard
let loose an army of half-stone soldiers from the ancient past, leaving the three to help the city survive an unbreakable siege. Violence and some explicit
descriptions of sex. 2018.

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Shroud Of Eternity – The Nicci Chronicles 02

Author: Goodkind, Terry

BARD: DB 90614

Read by: Julie-Ann Elliott.
Reading time 20 hours, 46 minutes.

ISBN: 9780765388247.
Subjects: Fantasy Fiction
Description: Sorceress Nicci, powerless wizard Nathan, and warrior Bannon have traveled together to the city of Ildakar. A spell had been keeping the city
safe, frozen in time. It is a decadent place, but the three hope that Nathan can regain his magic there. Violence and some explicit descriptions of sex.

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Death’s Mistress – The Nicci Chronicles 01

Author: Goodkind, Terry and Witherspoon, Pilar

BARD: DB 87259
Read by: Pilar Witherspoon
Reading time 20 hours, 28 minutes.

ISBN: 9780765388216.
Subjects: Adventure – Fantasy Fiction
Description: The sorceress Nicci, who was once an enemy of Richard and Kahlan, became one of their staunchest allies. Now she is off on her own adventures,
scouting the far reaches of the now stable empire with Richard’s kinsman Nathan as her companion. Violence. 2017.

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Debt of Bones – Sword of Truth 17

Author: Goodkind, Terry

BARD: DB 59062

Read by: Gabra Zackman
Reading time 3 hours, 18 minutes.

ISBN: 0575072563
Subjects: Fantasy Fiction
Description: Young peasant woman Abigail petitions the First Wizard to help her besieged homeland. Zedd refuses, for granting her request would mean forsaking
his sacred duty. Then he learns they are bound in a debt of bones. Prequel to Wizard’s First Rule (DB 41067). Some violence. 1998.

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Warheart – Sword of Truth 16

Author: Goodkind, Terry

BARD: DB 84206

Read by: Andy Pyle
Reading time 15 hours, 36 minutes.

ISBN: 9780765383082
Subjects: Fantasy Fiction
Description: Richard is dead, and the Sword of Truth is in Kahlan’s care. As the veil between life and death fails, evil is coming and Kahlan will wager
everything in a desperate effort to save the world. Sequel to Severed Souls (DB 80584). Violence. 2015.

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Severed Souls – Sword of Truth 15

Author: Goodkind, Terry

BARD: DB 80584
Read by: Alec Volz
Reading time 18 hours, 36 minutes.

ISBN: 9780765327741
Subjects: Fantasy Fiction
Description: After the events of The Third Kingdom (DB 77433), Richard, Kahlan, and their followers must defend themselves while suffering a magical sickness
that threatens to kill them all. Meanwhile, Hannis and Sulachan lead a horde into the heart of the Empire, hoping to raise the dead. Violence. 2014.